Lincoln Black Label: Executive Exclusivity

Black Label Lincoln vehicles offer more than their own inherent luxury and style--amending your purchase with a plethora of premium features custom tailored to suit those seeking the utmost degree of exclusivity and convenience. Ken Pollock Lincoln strives to uphold the exclusive experience of purchasing a Black Label vehicle.

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Luxurious Themes, Superior Services

With high-class themes inspired by premium and exclusive elegance, Black Label themes provide more than just membership to an exclusive series of amenities. Experience the invocation of unmarred elegance, as richly incorporated throughout the plush styling of these Black Label themes for the Lincoln Black Label Navigator:

Destination Theme

Bordeaux is calling--French seams, laser-etched diamond perforations and elegant textures pervade this luxurious interior, delivering exotic elegance befitting of a European chateau.

Chalet Theme

Elevated elegance--experience the exhilarating yet warm ambiance of a Swiss mountainside chalet with crisp white leather and luscious wood accents.

Yacht Club Theme

Leisurely cruise the roads surrounded by soft sea-blue leathers and beach-bright wood accents.

While these themes merely present the uncompromisingly perfected Lincoln Black Label Navigator's interior, models such as the Lincoln MKZ, MKC, MKX and Continental all exude luscious interiors meticulously crafted to caress their drivers into blissful leisure.

Travel & Conveniences

Invitation-only: an indication of the unrelenting pursuit for perfection, Lincoln Black Label Membership endows owners with access to the AVIS® President's Club. With complimentary vehicles for up to seven days when visiting select airports, a double upgrade, a dedicated line for reservations and customer support, and a chance to earn fifty-percent more points by opting in to Avis Preferred Points. Further amending the aforementioned exclusivity, a carefully curated list of exquisite culinary experiences are available to provide a complimentary dinner for two as per the reservation provided by the Black Label Culinary Concierge. Dine with extravagance, drive with exuberance--Lincoln Black Label.

Care and Maintenance

Whilst chartering your newly obtained Black Label vehicle, rest assured vehicular detailing and maintenance are included within your membership. Anytime car washes, annual detailing, and a four-year, 50,000-mine premium maintenance plan with complimentary pickup and delivery within the extended fifty-mile radius ensures you experience the utmost in convenience and care, without compromise.

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The Lincoln Navigator: Embodiment of the Exceptional

While other Black Label-equipped models provide unparalleled exclusivity and the embodiment of luxurious lavishness, the Lincoln Navigator, with its sleek and commanding exterior style, spacious and meticulously crafted interior and outstanding engineering, provides a unique experience both incomparable and nearly indescribable. When seeking a Black Label model for family, friends, or simply a spacious and luxurious interior befitting of a finely-crafted lounge in Oxford, the Lincoln Navigator fearlessly exudes its dominance through sheer perfected existence.

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Ken Pollock Lincoln: Committed to Luxury in Berwick, PA

Discover your liberation through the paragon of vehicular sublimity: Lincoln Black Label. Ken Pollock Lincoln in Berwick proudly purveys exquisitely crafted vehicles custom tailored to suit every driver's exacting standards of luxury. Visit Ken Pollock Ford-Lincoln to further craft your preferred vehicle, sculpted according to your preferred desires utilizing the extensive customization of these flawlessly engineered chariots. Call our dealership today to speak with a sales expert to learn more about the Lincoln Black Label membership, or to schedule your consultation today.

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