Avoiding A Tire Blowout: What To Look For When Inspecting Your Tires

Making sure that your tires are in good shape is critical for avoiding blowouts. Blowouts can be terrifying, hair-raising events, especially when they occur at high speeds. Not only do Prattville drivers temporarily lose control of their vehicles, but they also wind up on the side of the road. At Pigg Enterprises, we want to do all that we possibly can to help people prevent these unfortunate events.

Routine Tire Inspections Are Essential

It's all-too-common for people to simply jump in their cars and go. One of the most important things to do before traveling any significant distance, however, is to make sure that your tires are ready for the ravages of the road. You can do this once every few weeks to spots signs of significant aging and wear, before these developments cause serious problems.

What To Look For

When inspecting your tires, look for cracking along the sidewall and across the treads. Also, make sure that your tires are properly inflated. Having too much or too little air can make tires more prone to rupture. Visit us at Pigg Enterprises today for more info on good tire care or to take advantage of our first-class tire maintenance services.


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