How to Choose the Right Tire for Winter Driving

At Ken Pollock Lincoln, we want you to know as much about safe driving as possible. One way to stay safe while on the road is to have the right type of tires on your vehicle. While all-season tires may be great when the roads are dry and the weather is warm, they may not be great when the cold and snowy weather breaks out.

All-season tires have shallower grooves, which means that they don't push away snow and slush like winter tires do. They are also more likely to get hard in cold weather. This can result in poor traction on wet and dry roads alike.

Ideally, you will make sure that your vehicle's tires have proper tread depth and are properly inflated whenever you drive in Berwick. Doing so can provide better traction and faster stopping times regardless of the weather conditions that you may encounter.


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