Signs You Need to Have Your Ignition Serviced

At Ken Pollock Lincoln, we understand the importance of keeping all of our clients properly educated on the vehicles they drive. This is why we want to help them understand their car’s ignition and know when the time is right to take it in to be serviced.

If you notice a grinding noise when you start your car’s engine, it can be the result of the starter drive gear not working properly. This type of growl is usually dangerous to your engine if ignored, so be sure to take note. However, the most important sign that your ignition is having problems is smoke. If you at any point see smoke come out of your car, immediately turn off the vehicle and call a professional. If not treated properly, smoking cars can lead to combustion and other types of risky situations.

Have any questions about your ignition? Stop by Ken Pollock Lincoln today to get your ignition serviced and get any other questions you might have answered!



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